Chargers, Challengers involved in dozens of high-profile crimes in Detroit

January 18, 2022, 11:20 PM by  Catherine Nouhan

Featured_dodge_spins_donuts_around_police_on_gratiot_48932The time a Dodge spun donuts around a Detroit police SUV.

Dodge muscle cars have brought (some) fun and (mostly) trouble to the streets of Detroit in recent years, as our Nancy Derringer writes today.

Here's an incomplete list of the trouble, which picked up in early 2019:

01/13/19: Dodge Charger split in half after hitting telephone pole in Detroit

02/03/19: Dodge Charger involved in hit-and-run killing a bicyclist

05/15/19: A street racing Dodge Challenger rammed into a couple’s car and kills them

06/15/19: Challenger speeds through intersection and is pinned under semi-truck— killing two

06/28/19: ‘We on the Lodge wit’ it” video of stunting Dodge drivers drops, goes instantly viral

08/29/19: Woman in wheelchair 'left for dead' after Dodge Charger hit-and-run

03/09/20: Drunk driver in Dodge Charger hospitalizes four

04/20/20: Man dies after speeding Dodge Charger slams into tree in Detroit

04/26/20: Dodge Charger driver flees the scene of a car crash that killed 2 men

05/15/20: Man driving a moped stuck by speeding dark Dodge Charger/Challenger and killed

08/01/20: A 33-year-old woman was killed after her vehicle was struck by stolen Challenger

08/02/20: Dodge Challenger hit SUV killing the driver and injuring three minors

09/04/20: Dodge Challenger sped with children on board, causing the crash, killing a 2-year-old.

10/23/20: 6 cars stolen off lot by thieves who allegedly used computer to unlock, start vehicles

10/24/20: State Police recovered several Dodge Chargers that were stolen in metro Detroit

02/25/21: Over a Thousand Dodge Chargers Have Been Stolen Around Detroit in the Last Year

03/02/21: Pedestrian, 78, killed in Charger hit-and-run in Detroit

03/15/21: Dodge Challenger traveling 100+ miles per hour hit Chevy Malibu on I-94

03/23/21: Driver going 120 mph in stolen Charger crashes into SUV

04/16/21: Fatal crash between a Dodge Durango and Dodge Charger

04/20/21: Deadly crash between speeding Dodge Charger and semi-truck

05/02/21: Dodge Charger crashed into Detroit venue Trinosophes

05/15/21: Dodge Challenger hit-and-run sent boy, 12, to local hospital

08/27/21: Stolen Dodge Challenger with children inside crashes after police try to pull it over

9/15/21: Detroit police officer suspended after getting caught In stolen Dodge Challenger, fleeing

10/21/21: 1 dead, 1 injured after crash involving stolen Dodge Challenger

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