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Metro Detroit bar chain Bobcat Bonnie's stirs controversy with abortion drink special

June 25, 2022, 10:30 AM

"We support and love you. Grab a friend and come hang with us," the bar said in announcing the deal.

A post-Roe cocktail discount by Metro Detroit's Bobcat Bonnie's has turned into a PR nightmare.

The bar faces blowback on social media after announcing $5 signature drinks for "women who lost their reproductive rights" with a Friday U.S. Supreme Court ruling curtailing abortion. One woman accused it of a "sick and unthinkable attempt at making money." Others called it "gross."

The gastropub with locations in Detroit, Wyandotte, Ferndale and elsewhere has since hid and prevented comments on the Facebook post advertising the deal, but the Free Press caught some of them.

Owner Matt Buskard tells the paper he was just trying to commiserate:

"The intent and the goal was to get women who right now feel -- some feel frustrated, some feel angry, some feel depressed, all of that --  a place to grab a friend or two, to come in and have a cheap cocktail on us," he said. "And to talk, cry, laugh, whatever they need to do in a safe environment --- that's Bobcat Bonnie's."

On his personal Facebook page, he laments that some people are "attacking each other as a distraction from going after the true enemy who is AGGRESSIVELY taking away our rights."

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