Macomb Tells Prosecutor Lucido To Get Workplace Training for his Inappropriateness...Or Else

August 02, 2022, 4:52 PM

Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido (File photo)

Macomb County thinks Prosecutor Peter Lucido has a problem. 

County Deputy Executive Andrew McKinnon emailed Lucido, who was elected in 2020, to tell him to undergo workplace training to address issues including sexual comments and/or innuedo, the Detroit Free Press reports:

Lucido also was placed on notice that he will be personally liable for his behaviors moving foward. The county said it will not indemnify him in any civil litigation arising from his personal wrongful acts or omissions, and if the county is named as a codefendant, "you may expect the county will make a cross-claim against you for indemnification against its losses, if any," according to an email Friday to Lucido from Deputy Executive Andrew McKinnon.

Lucido's attorney, Cameron Evans, said in a statement Tuesday that Lucido "is willing to consider things that may improve the functioning of the Prosecutor’s Office. Therefore, although it is a recommendation (not a requirement) that training occur and Prosecutor Lucido firmly disagrees with the Butzel (Long law firm) report, we will review the proposed training and decide what steps to take."

The Detroit News reported last month that a report by Butzel Long found Lucido made inappropriate sexual comments to women, used race as a factor in assignment decisions and used county personnel for "campaign-type activities." 

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